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The Space Missions: Journey to Space and Beyond

What are they?
Space Missions are our gamified mini-camps designed to deliver practical learning you could do anytime, anywhere! You will use your Science and Math skills to complete Objectives every week. They only take 30 minutes in a week, for as low as AED 10 (USD 2.75)

The Reward:
Your Math and Science scores in school will increase! Not only that, you get to earn XP which you can redeem for gifts from our store coming soon!

How it works?
The Space Missions discuss all sciences from Space, Math, and Physics to Biology, Chemistry, and Technology. Students apply their knowledge and find smart solutions using virtual learning technology. All while having fun and earning certificates, endorsed by ADEK, at the end of the journey!

You will be presented with one Mission every month containing one Objective every week! Are you ready to be the next Astronaut or Space Scientist?

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About us

About us

We are a team of space specialists bringing expertise from space industries around the world. Our mission is to reform science education by teaching you how to think by making science fun!

We work with the UAE Space Agency and ADEK to bring you gamified learning experiences. This is one small step for us, but a giant leap for the next generation.

  • "I've gained immense knowledge in the field of space throughout the time of 10 days and I was introduced to multidisciplinary courses, all of which are related to the science behind space and the hope probe. This experience has definitely inspired me."

    -Bashayer Alhammadi

  • "I found this very informative as it was amazing and helped me when I was developing an actual mission with the help of NASA."

    -Shivam Mathur

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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